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Hi, Folks, Next just a note on our set up for it been here so I will be using Japan for much of this course because it’s a nice resource to just kind of easily write some ESX code don’t have a lot of overhead don’t need to tinker with one of those compilers. And you know I would recommend you do the same. So it’s a really nice resource for learning you can try out some E code without having to configure a bigger overhead type. And a lot of the code you write. It’s going to be you know easily translatable for you to kind of put it into your apps to get the basics. Plug it into your app and you’ll be good to go.

 Now in terms of setting up on Jay at the time of this writing you know even if you select six Babbel you will probably get a lynching error if you start to write for example Konst. There’s a couple of areas here that I don’t have a design but also notice the first one is saying Konst is available in iOS or Mozilla. Extensions and it’s because there’s a built in Linter in Japan called Jazz hint and a literary If you list of digital marketing companies in bangalore are aware of what it does it basically checks your code for errors. So, in this case, it’s telling us hey I don’t really understand Konst and a lot of text editors like Sublime Text or ideas have built in Linter that you can activate or turn on or whatever. And in this case, I think even if I did write some valid code, for example, this is valid.

 ESX is still giving me kind of a lynching error here. And you know it’s a warning. So it’s still going to run but it’s just kind of annoying to kind of have an error here. Even though I know the code is correct. So that’s easily fixable. That’s just a Japan setting so if you go to your account preferences. So here I am in my account preferences. I can go to my J.S. hint settings Ziemba digital marketing company you can see that there is a Settings tab next to it. But anyway settings and we can use the E.S. next settings. It talked about. So to enable that you just do yes. Next in quotes like so to enable yes next to be true. Now we go back to Japan and we should not have any issues with our Linter at this point. 

So now is not giving us an issue anymore which is nice and funny I just like to say you know if you are an absolute beginner you don’t have much experience with javascript or programming in general. Hang in there. I know it seems overwhelming and that’s totally normal when you’re learning something brand new. Maybe concepts of programming or javascript list of digital marketing companies in bangalore itself hang in there and what I would recommend is get those fingers on keys. You know that’s the best way to learn it just by doing. Do the example write lots of code. Don’t just do the examples I’m doing but do plenty more examples as well you know expanded out take some code we have here for example and plug it into this babble. Said Io Ruppel. That’s if I just plug it in like so.

This is a good way to learn what Babel is doing for us. You know if you’re interested in learning how. Yes is looking compared to the ESX. No just plug it in here. Play around with Babbel Gaspero with your tools. Use these charts. Use all your resources can use and just practice practice practice. Just get those fingers on the keys. Get practicing. Hang in there. Something list of digital marketing companies in bangalore will click eventually and it’s just going to start to make sense you know. It does take time and you’re learning something new but you know to stick with it and you can do it too. So looking forward to having guys on the course. And let’s jump right in.


This I'm going to be giving you some tips to help you get started with writing Java. First up Akinbiyi is that you should use many resources so don't rely on any one resource. Most developers will tell you that they've learned about javascript from all sorts of different places. One I would like to emphasize is the Mozilla Developer Network. It's a great resource and they have some really nice content there to help you really get your head around javascript and not just javascript but they also have good resource resources for learning things like H M L C Ss as well as some other really cool stuff. Check it out.

Use all those resources that you. Lots of comments to yourself as you're learning. Way. That's one way that I really learn really well is to leave lots of comments. You know there have been list of digital marketing companies in bangalore times where I write some maybe complex code. Don't leave any comments to come back to it after a month or two and I can't really understand my own code sometimes. That's where comments come in handy especially if you are maybe collaborating on a project. Maybe you write a function that's not really clear exactly what it does despite your best efforts. No need for quick comments in there.

Describe what it does not only for yourself but also for maybe any other contributors that are looking. Next point I'd like to make is that you should aim to be consistent. Javascript offers a lot of flexibility in terms of how you write your code. For example single quotes double quotes. They're both treated pretty much the same. What about spacing. What about naming conventions so do all of your functions and variables follow a certain naming convention so try to be consistent. You know if you use single quotes here you should probably use single quotes throughout. You don't want to kind of mix and match.

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